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Dream on Education is a licensed educational consultant who specializes in overseas education services. We are located in Dillibazar (opposite Padma Kanya School), Kathmandu, Nepal, the educational hub of the country.

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DreamOn Education Consultancy was created to provide uniquely designed premium services in the world of education and migration.As people are dreaming more hands-on experience.

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Our Mission

To provide unwavering guidance and support to students and families, empowering them to navigate the complexities of the education system with confidence and clarity.


Our Visions

To cultivate a future where every student has access to tailored educational opportunities that align with their aspirations, ensuring their journey is marked by fulfillment and success.


Our Objectives

Our objectives encompass facilitating seamless navigation of the education system, matching students with ideal schools and programs, equipping them for college admission and scholarships, delivering personalized advice, advocating for student rights, and staying updated on education policies for continual enhancement.

Work Process

How we do our visa &
Immigration processing

DreamOn Visa Consultancy was created to provide uniquely des igned premium services in the world of education and migration. As people are dreaming more.


IELTS Preparation and Scoring

Expert guidance, tailored preparation. Let us navigate your path to success. Achieve your best score with our proven methods and dedicated support.

Applying For International Universities

Seamless applications, boundless opportunities. Let us guide you toward your global academic journey with expert support and personalized assistance.

Assessment & Visa Submission

Streamlined processes, stress-free journey. Trust us to handle your assessment and visa submissions with precision and care, ensuring a smooth transition to your dream destination.