Message from Managing Director

As we embark on another year of guiding students towards their academic aspirations, I am filled with gratitude for the dedication and passion each of you brings to our consultancy. Together, we have facilitated countless journeys of discovery and growth, empowering students to pursue their dreams on an international stage.

Our mission to provide unwavering support and personalized guidance remains at the heart of everything we do. As we navigate the complexities of the education system, let us continue to prioritize the needs of our students and their families, ensuring that every interaction is marked by empathy, expertise, and excellence.

In the pursuit of our objectives, let us remain steadfast in our commitment to staying updated on changes and developments in education policy and practice. By advocating for student rights and interests, we can truly make a difference in shaping a more equitable and accessible educational landscape.

I am confident that together, we will continue to uphold our reputation as a trusted partner in the journey towards higher education. Let us seize the opportunities that lie ahead, and together, empower the next generation of global leaders.

With gratitude and determination,

Bhim Bahadur Thapa,
Managing Director,
DreamOn Education